Wreck It Ralph 2 is Confirmed!

It's been 5 years since Wreck It Ralph was released in cinemas. The movie was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe and broke records in the Cinema for Disney Animation Studios. If you haven't seen it, it's the story of a arcade game villain called Ralph who has a bit of a identity [...]


Goodbye Tower of Terror!

A few months ago, the news came out that Disneyland was closing Tower of Terror. It's finally happened. There was a lot of unhappiness, confusion and general disappointment that the most popular and arguably iconic ride in the park has been chosen to become a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, when there are so many [...]

Frozen comes to the Disney Magic Kingdoms App!

I am still absolutely in love with this game, being able to run my own Disneyland is something I definitely haven't got bored of yet! And there is still a special place in my heart for Frozen, especially at this time of year and now those two things have finally come together. It was only [...]

First details revealed around new movie Coco!

Disney is very busy lately. With all the remakes and sequels coming out, they are doing extremely well. And now we have another movie to add to the list! Coco is a story based in Mexico, about a young boy named Miguel who has a passion for music, despite the hate that his family has [...]

Moana: A New Wave of Disney Princess?

I was so excited to see Moana. Not just because it's a new movie based around a heroine character or because it's a musical, but because with so many re-makes in the works, it's nice to know that Disney are also trying their best to bring new stories to life as well. Now, we went [...]

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsums Confirmed!

Just in time for Christmas! Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsums have been announced in Japan. There is no announce date for the UK yet, but it wont be too long! There are seven Tsum Tsums in the collection. You can choose from Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip, Maleficent and Maleficent as a dragon. [...]