This Disney Playlist is Gorgeous!

If you haven't heard of 8tracks, it's a website where users create playlists for listeners based on all different kinds of genres. You can find playlists for concentration, for nights out or just for relaxing. 8tracks user targarysen has created a playlist that features some of Disney's most romantic and beautiful songs to date. It features twelve [...]


Mulan joins the ‘Live Re-Make’ list!

It seems like the biggest news stories coming out of Disney at the moment are their remakes. And now we have another one to add to the list! The next movie to be confirmed to be getting a live action make over is Mulan. A movie that everybody knows, with songs that none of us [...]

The Evolution of Disney Princesses (And Why It’s Important)

The image of a princess in movies was once an image of a girl, sitting and weeping, waiting for her gallant prince to come save her from her misery, unable to do it herself. Which was nice, it was romantic and it gave us the image of true love....but that's not how life happens. Don't [...]

Disney Have Confirmed a Live Action Remake of Mulan!

Another great Disney animation title has been added to the list of re-makes soon to grace our screens. This time, it's Mulan, the badass girl who poses as a soldier to save her fathers life and ends up saving the whole of China from Huns. The script has been purchased, and is written by Elizabeth [...]

Top Five Disney Sidekicks

Our loveable Disney heros and heroins would be nothing without their sidekicks. They're there to give advice, make us laugh and to give our favourite disney characters the push they need to get what they need. Here are my top five sidekicks of all time! 5) Phil from Hercules In fifth place is one of [...]