It’s Mickey Mouse’s birthday!

Happy birthday to our favourite mouse! It is Mickey's 88th Birthday today, as back on 18th November 1928, Steamboat Willie was aired for the first time in New York. Steamboat Willie was the first cartoon to be released with synchronised sound and therefore became an instant classic and favourite in households all over. And so [...]


Disney x Lazy Oaf is the cutest Disney clothing collection so far!

Lazy Oaf is a quirky clothing brand that is known for it's wacky colours, oversized fittings and just generally being a little out there. So it's nice to see that they've teamed up with Disney and are giving us a collection that we haven't really seen before. To me, it looks like someone has gone [...]

Forget chocolate, there’s a Tsum Tsum advent calendar coming!

Alternative advent calendars are becoming more and more popular every year. I've seen alcoholic ones, candle ones and beauty ones and now Disney are releasing their own version of an advent calendar filled with our favorite little squishy characters! They're going to be available through the Disney Store for £80, which seems a bit pricey, but [...]

Do you dare to download Disney Crossy Road?

I had the original Crossy Road and deleted it in an angry rage because I was sick of getting ran over. But now Hipster Whale and Disney have combined to bring us Disney Crossy Road, I have no choice but to re-download. If you've never played Crossy Road, it's an updated version of Frogger, the [...]

Merch Mondays – Disney UGGS!

I seem to be making a lot of apologies about not posting enough. I've been neglecting this site although I love posting on it, so it's time to try and get back to the usual amount of posts! This week's Merch Monday is about a brand that is extremely popular all over the country, especially [...]

Tsum Tsums for Your Valentine!

The minds behind Tsum Tsums have been spoiling us! First the Lion King collection so released today, then we get wind of a Tangled collection next month and now this! A Valentine's Day collection featuring Mickey Mouse as Cupid and Minnie Mouse in a gorgeously cute heart covered skirt. Whether you buy these for yourself [...]

The Lion King Tsum Tsums are coming! And We Have A Sneak Peak At a New Collection…..

This will be the easiest money I'll ever spend in my life. A few months ago, I shared a picture of leaked pictures of the first look into the Lion King collection for Tsum Tsums and THE TIME HAS COME! Tsum Tsum Tuesdays this week will bring this gorgeous collection to us. With nine characters [...]