Frozen comes to the Disney Magic Kingdoms App!

I am still absolutely in love with this game, being able to run my own Disneyland is something I definitely haven't got bored of yet! And there is still a special place in my heart for Frozen, especially at this time of year and now those two things have finally come together. It was only [...]


Change4Life Teams up with Disney!

You've probably seen the Change4life adverts on your TV if you live in Britain. They tell us how we can eat less sugar, be more active and become healthier with the help of the tips on their website. Don't worry, I ignore it too. But I couldn't ignore the fact that they've teamed up with [...]

Merch Monday

I don't think I've done a food item before...if I have I stand corrected and I'm sorry. I work in a supermarket so I get excited about Disney related items very easily, which is great because it gives me more items to write about here. Last week I was working in the fridges and I [...]

The Evolution of Disney Princesses (And Why It’s Important)

The image of a princess in movies was once an image of a girl, sitting and weeping, waiting for her gallant prince to come save her from her misery, unable to do it herself. Which was nice, it was romantic and it gave us the image of true love....but that's not how life happens. Don't [...]

Frozen 2 Confirmed!

Whether you love or hate Frozen, you can't deny that it is EVERYWHERE. I personally love it. After going to see it in the pictures four times and countless re-watches of the DVD, I can say that I could probably tell you the script backwards. Well Disney fans AND parents of obsessed children, get ready [...]

Top 5 Disney Easter Eggs

Whether you take easter eggs as simply a character popping up in a different film designed to make you go 'OH MY GOD LOOK!' and jump up and down like an infant, or whether you believe that each easter egg has some kind of deep theory behind it, they're something that we've grown to look [...]

Disney Style Saturdays!

There are so many beautiful costumes in the Disney movies, and above the age of 14, there's nothing you can really do but sit and admire how gorj the character looks in their clothes. Unless you want to pay around £150 for a decent replica. This is a look at some of the beautiful costumes [...]