Beauty and the Beast: The Tale as Old as Time is Retold!

Beauty and the Beast premiered in cinemas last Friday and in less than a week it has broken records in cinema. I only managed to see it myself last night and I had high hopes based on the massive hype around the movie that's been building up for a while now. NO SPOILERS (Though, to [...]


Emma Watson is breaking Princess stereotypes in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast remake

Don't get me wrong, I love the princesses. We all do! We all love how perfect their hair looks all the time, how their figures always seem to be stick thin and how they're generally beyond the reaches of achievable attractiveness. BUT I also love it when Disney decides to break the boundaries and turn [...]

We have a new trailer for Beauty and the Beast!

I remain a little bit pessimistic about all of these remakes...I still think they should be coming up with new content, not recreating already adored content. BUT, I do love that the adverts for the new Beauty and the Beast remake uses the same music as the original. It gave me goosebumps! And now we [...]

First look at the Beauty and The Beast trailer!

Finally! After all the speculation over the last few months, we have finally been graced with a trailer for the new Beauty and the Beast movie which will premiere next year! We don't see much in terms of characters, we briefly see Emma Watson as Belle looking at the famous rose, and hear the voices [...]

Disney Poll : Which Remake Are You Most Excited About – The Results!

Thank you for everybody who voted in the poll, I really appreciate it and I love that you're getting involved! In fourth place, with no points, was Cinderella! I'm quite shocked about this one! I thought it would at least get some votes since we'll be seeing it very soon but no, you've all shocked [...]

Beast Revealed for Live Action Beauty and The Beast. 

EditWe all swooned when we found out Emma Watson would be playing Belle in the upcoming live action re-make of Beauty and The Beast, but now one of our favourite disney couples is on the way to being complete again with Dan Stevens in talks to be cast as the beast!The Downton Abbey character has [...]