Will Smith rumoured to star in live action Dumbo

The upcoming live action remake of the classic movie Dumbo has been kept very quiet. Of course most of Disney's time and money has gone into filming and promoting Beauty and the Beast, but now news is starting to emerge regarding Dumbo. We know that Tim Burton will be directing the movie, working with Ehren [...]


Disney Poll : Which Remake Are You Most Excited About – The Results!

Thank you for everybody who voted in the poll, I really appreciate it and I love that you're getting involved! In fourth place, with no points, was Cinderella! I'm quite shocked about this one! I thought it would at least get some votes since we'll be seeing it very soon but no, you've all shocked [...]

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there! For drying our tears,   For showing us unconditional love, For never losing your patience with us, And for being there for us when we need you the most, I wouldn't be who I was today without my mum's guidance and today you should show your mum [...]

Disney Poll of the Week – Which Disney Re-Make Are You Most Looking Forward To?

News about re-makes of Disney's animated classics are all over the internet and it's hard to pick which one we want to follow the most! Cinderella will be on our screens within a couple of weeks and every couple of days we wake up to more news concerning the Beauty and The Beast re-make. Emma [...]

Top 5 Disney Easter Eggs

Whether you take easter eggs as simply a character popping up in a different film designed to make you go 'OH MY GOD LOOK!' and jump up and down like an infant, or whether you believe that each easter egg has some kind of deep theory behind it, they're something that we've grown to look [...]