Beauty and the Beast: The Tale as Old as Time is Retold!

Beauty and the Beast premiered in cinemas last Friday and in less than a week it has broken records in cinema. I only managed to see it myself last night and I had high hopes based on the massive hype around the movie that's been building up for a while now. NO SPOILERS (Though, to [...]


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is now in the App Store!

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games, I've played it for years! I love the story line, the boss levels and most importantly, the fact that you can visit all of your favorite Disney universes. I've played it on the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, DS and now we get to play it on our [...]

First details revealed around new movie Coco!

Disney is very busy lately. With all the remakes and sequels coming out, they are doing extremely well. And now we have another movie to add to the list! Coco is a story based in Mexico, about a young boy named Miguel who has a passion for music, despite the hate that his family has [...]

Moana: A New Wave of Disney Princess?

I was so excited to see Moana. Not just because it's a new movie based around a heroine character or because it's a musical, but because with so many re-makes in the works, it's nice to know that Disney are also trying their best to bring new stories to life as well. Now, we went [...]

Make the delicious soup from Ratatouille!

Disney movies are full of foods that we dream of tasting. Some of which you can try in the Disney parks like the interesting 'Grey Stuff' from Beauty and the Beast, which is being served in the Be Our Guest restaurant. But, if you can't make it to the parks, you can find easy ways [...]

Why not to watch Ratatouille on an empty stomach

Okay, so it's Saturday night, my fiance is out with his friend for the night and I'm staying in my parent's house. This means taking advantage of their Sky movies packages and watching Disney movies. I'm currently watching Ratatouille. A movie that revolves around food, fine dining and the gorgeous city of Paris. I'm currently [...]

Did Finding Dory match the successes of Finding Nemo?

Since it was announced that Finding Dory was going into production in 2015, I have been so excited to get back into the world of Finding Nemo and all of the sweet and innocent fun that came with that movie. I often stay away from reviews, as most people do when they're excited for a [...]