Beauty and the Beast: The Tale as Old as Time is Retold!

Beauty and the Beast premiered in cinemas last Friday and in less than a week it has broken records in cinema. I only managed to see it myself last night and I had high hopes based on the massive hype around the movie that's been building up for a while now. NO SPOILERS (Though, to [...]


The Final Beauty and the Beast Trailer is here!

Not long to go now till Disney's next live action remake, Beauty and the Beast is released in cinemas! On the 17th of March, we will be invited to be the guest (get it?) at the much anticipated remake staring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the beast. The cast also features amazing [...]

First details revealed around new movie Coco!

Disney is very busy lately. With all the remakes and sequels coming out, they are doing extremely well. And now we have another movie to add to the list! Coco is a story based in Mexico, about a young boy named Miguel who has a passion for music, despite the hate that his family has [...]

Mickey Mouse and Me Instagram is Live!

I love bringing you all exciting news from the parks, new products that I know you'll love and exciting updates regarding films and productions. So, in order to make it easier for you to follow Mickey Mouse and Me, I have created an Instagram account which you can find here. Follow me to get updates [...]

Did Finding Dory match the successes of Finding Nemo?

Since it was announced that Finding Dory was going into production in 2015, I have been so excited to get back into the world of Finding Nemo and all of the sweet and innocent fun that came with that movie. I often stay away from reviews, as most people do when they're excited for a [...]

Should you take a visit to Zootropolis?

Zootropolis (Zootopia for the rest of the world, due to copyright reasons the film was renamed for the UK), is a story about a bunny who wants to be the first bunny cop in the fast paced city of Zootropolis where carnivores and prey live in harmony. After Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) achieves her dream [...]

Does The Good Dinosaur compare well to other recent Pixar movies?

Disney and Pixar movies should have a warning before showings - May Cause Emotional Breakdowns. Before we get into the emotional rollercoaster that was The Good Dinosaur, let's talk about the short film beforehand. I love the shorts just as much as I love the full length feature. They're heartwarming, creative and always tell a [...]