Forget chocolate, there’s a Tsum Tsum advent calendar coming!

Alternative advent calendars are becoming more and more popular every year. I've seen alcoholic ones, candle ones and beauty ones and now Disney are releasing their own version of an advent calendar filled with our favorite little squishy characters! They're going to be available through the Disney Store for £80, which seems a bit pricey, but [...]


Disney’s Magic Kingdoms App gets a Halloween makeover!

I have been playing Disney Magic Kingdoms since last Summer. (I would hate to see an actual figure of the amount of hours I've put into this game.) And incase you've never played it before, the game which is available on all smart phones, is a game similar to The Simpson's Tapped Out in that [...]

Irregular Choice x Cinderella is Coming!

It's been a few months since Irregular Choice gave us the Alice in Wonderland collection. A collection of beautifully wacky flats and heels fit for trips to Wonderland featuring characters like Alice and Cheshire Cat. They didn't last too long though!  So this is your warning to get ready, because soon there will be a [...]

5 quick ways to Disneyfy your home!

I'm making the big step of moving out of my parents house tomorrow! Which means all new responsibilities but a new way and exciting way of expressing my love for all things Disney. But, living with a none Disney lover can make it hard! So, here are five tips on getting your way without it [...]

Have you seen the Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsums?!

Beauty and the Beast has some of the best songs in the Disney film back catalogue. Be Our Guest and Tale as Old as Time are songs that send shivers up Disney fans' backs and makes us want to sing and prance around as the characters do. The film is loved by so many and if [...]

A New Trailer for The Jungle Book is Here!

The new Jungle Book remake is a live action movie featuring big stars like Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson  and loads more! It definitely has more of a realistic, scary feeling with a 'the jungle is a dangerous place' rather than the animated version which has more of a cuddly cute feel. It's been a while [...]

Merch Mondays – Mermaid Head-Wear

Cake Worthy has been bringing out amazing Disney ranges for a while now, from checkered shirts to cute caps. But my favourite item in their range at the moment is their Mermaid beanies. I don't really wear hats anymore, given my weirdly small head, so they don't really suit me. But I think they're so cute [...]