The ultimate Christmas shopping guide for your favourite Disney fan.

Right now you should be either planning what you're going to get your loved ones, be in the middle of your shopping or if you're really organised, finishing the bows on the wrapping and putting them away for a few weeks! If you're in the last category, you're way ahead and this blog post might [...]


5 quick ways to Disneyfy your home!

I'm making the big step of moving out of my parents house tomorrow! Which means all new responsibilities but a new way and exciting way of expressing my love for all things Disney. But, living with a none Disney lover can make it hard! So, here are five tips on getting your way without it [...]

Merch Mondays!

This week's item isn't technically a Disney item, but it IS princess themed, so it'll make you feel like a Disney princess none the less! This week's item is from Primark, which has gone Disney mad, with lots clothes and accessories across the store featuring our favourite characters.  But they've also brought out this gorgeous [...]

Disney Arts and Crafts!

I don't know about you, but when the sun is up, I feel so much more enthusiastic, so much more creative and so much more inspired to get up and get things done. Unfortunately, there wasn't a shift for me in work today so I had to push my enthusiasm into something else and this [...]