A new Cath Kidston x Disney collection is on the way!

We all remember before Christmas when the Cath Kidston x Disney collection hit the website and even during the presale, you couldn't stay on the website long enough for your order to go through without it crashing! It was madness! Never the less, most of us managed to grab something from the collection. I myself [...]


Cath Kidston x Disney is coming!

We've already had a Winnie the Pooh collection from Cath Kidston which features prints straight out of our childhoods on gorgeous dresses, bags and homeware. Now, on the 3rd of December, we can expect to see Cath Kidston filled with Mickey and Minnie themed items for us to get our hands on in time for [...]

Take the world famous flying elephant Dumbo wherever you go with this Dumbo Tsum Tsum Bag!

By now, we all have at least 100 Tsum Tsums each. Whether you're really organised and you have them in pyramids based on their individual films in different rooms, or whether you're like me and you've put them all in a jar together, you're probably running out of room and saying things like 'no more' [...]

Are These The Perfect Stocking Filler for Your Favourite Disney Fan?

If you're not a vinyl toy lover, you might not know who or what Funko is. Funko is a company that makes adorable, cool and collectable vinyl toys from all your favourite films, programmes and games as well as their own awesome designs. You can buy vinyl toys in display boxes such as the POP! [...]

It’s D23 EXPO Weekend!

If you didn't know, D23 EXPO is the official Disney convention held in Anaheim, California. Since 2009, it has been the bi-annual event of the year for Disney fans to meet other fans, buy amazing merch and attend presentations. Since the beginning this has been the go to place to be the first to learn [...]

Manchester Comicon 2015!

Manchester Comicon is a highlight of the year for me. Not just because it's a great way to get loads of nerdy goodies, but it's just a lovely atmosphere every year. I went dressed as an Eevee myself, which yes isn't a Disney character but it's a pretty cute Pokemon! On no other day of [...]