COCO short is released introducing us to Dante the pooch!

COCO is due to be released in November and will revolve around the fantastic celebration of Day of the Dead. Today, a short has been released to give us a taster of the movie and what we can expect in terms of animation, character and atmosphere of the movie. It's clear from the set up [...]


First details revealed around new movie Coco!

Disney is very busy lately. With all the remakes and sequels coming out, they are doing extremely well. And now we have another movie to add to the list! Coco is a story based in Mexico, about a young boy named Miguel who has a passion for music, despite the hate that his family has [...]

Film Premiere Dates Released for Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Cars 3 and More!

We've got some big news! Dates for major sequels have been confirmed today, although unfortunately, they won't be hitting cinemas for quite some time.  The films themselves were first showcased back in August at D23, so now only two months later are we being told when to expect them! Toy Story 4 is due to [...]