COCO short is released introducing us to Dante the pooch!

COCO is due to be released in November and will revolve around the fantastic celebration of Day of the Dead.

Today, a short has been released to give us a taster of the movie and what we can expect in terms of animation, character and atmosphere of the movie.

It’s clear from the set up of the backdrop that the village is getting ready for Day of the Dead, there is bunting hanging from houses and there are people preparing food.

‘Dante’s Lunch’ centers around a dog who’s searching for his lunch and he finds a bone in some bins in the street, but he has some trouble trying to get it to keep still….He ends up chasing it around the street, knocking over buckets of food, pushing people off ladders, just causing trouble for some human characters that might have something to do with the main movie. The bone finds it’s way back to a skeleton man, who reattaches the bone to his arm…Dante is not scared of the skeleton, in fact he sees a buffet and chases the skeleton off the screen.

Dante is clearly not phased by the environment he finds himself in, in that he’s surrounded by dead people, which leads me to believe that he’s either going to be a fearless sidekick in the main movie, or he’s going to be that dopey sidekick that is totally unaware of the world around him and just causes trouble for everyone around him. I hope it’s the latter.

I’m excited for this movie because it’s a new story, it’s something I haven’t seen before and as I’ve said in the past couple of posts, I’m just happy to see that Disney are also releasing new content, not just relying solely on the remakes.

If you would like to get a feel for the movie have a watch of the short!


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