Wreck It Ralph 2 is Confirmed!

It’s been 5 years since Wreck It Ralph was released in cinemas.

The movie was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe and broke records in the Cinema for Disney Animation Studios.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s the story of a arcade game villain called Ralph who has a bit of a identity crisis and feels like he’s not appreciated in his own game, so goes on an adventure through the rest of the games in the arcade, trying to find where he belongs.  On the way, he meets Vanellope von Schweetz, who has her own problems fitting in.

The clever story line and regular nods to much loved game characters made it one of Pixar’s most loved movies in the last few years and since then, people have been waiting for a sequel.

Well the wait is over!

Disney have announced, quite fittingly through their Instagram and Facebook page, that Wreck it Ralph will be moving from arcade games to the online world  in the sequel ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

This clever little announcement shows a loading screen that kind of gives us a feeling that Ralph is messing with the internet connection and that makes me super excited to see him back on the screen.

All of the same creative minds will be returning to work on the re-make including Phil Johnston, Rich Moore and Clark Spencer who said “Our production team has been hard at work designing a world that takes something we all think we know – the internet – but shows it in a whole new, imaginative way.”

This has been a refreshing announcement amidst all of the hype surrounding the re-makes and I can’t wait to see a new chapter of this loved story.

Wreck It Ralph 2 is due to hit the screens on 9th March 2018.


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