Goodbye Tower of Terror!

A few months ago, the news came out that Disneyland was closing Tower of Terror.

It’s finally happened.

There was a lot of unhappiness, confusion and general disappointment that the most popular and arguably iconic ride in the park has been chosen to become a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, when there are so many rides that visitors to the park would not have been so upset to part with.

But, they have stuck to their word and yesterday Tower of Terror was closed for good in the California park. You can still ride it at the different parks around the world, but I’m guessing if they’re getting rid of it in one park, it won’t be long until they make the other parks follow suit.

I remember the first time I went on Tower of Terror. It was in the Florida park with my dad and my sister. I took a lot of convincing to go on the ride, given it’s daunting stature, 12 year old me was extremely intimidated.
But, by telling me the screams of riders was actually recorded to make it seem more scary (how did I fall for that), my dad convinced me to give it a go.
And I loved it.
The whole thing is an experience you won’t forget and although it is terrifying, you would come away wanting more.

Fans have been taking to twitter to pay their respects.

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The attraction is not even an original ride, but in it’s 10 years of being open, it’s gained thousands of fans and has become a main feature of the park. So it is an extremely sad loss.

In Disneyland Paris however, they will be using Tower of Terror’s massive structure to project a 360 degrees immersive light and sound show, celebrating Season of the Force. Using 16 video projectors, a new outdoor stage and a huge LED screen, this show will use the huge space that the tower has to celebrate all things Star Wars.

The show will feature characters such as R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca and Darth Vader, and you might even glimpse them running around the park for photo opportunities!

So at least the ride is still being used in the park’s festivities in other parks.

Here’s hoping that it’s replacement, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout!’ will live up to it’s legacy.

RIP Tower of Terror!


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