Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is now in the App Store!

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games, I’ve played it for years!
I love the story line, the boss levels and most importantly, the fact that you can visit all of your favorite Disney universes.

I’ve played it on the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, DS and now we get to play it on our smartphones with the new game, Unchained X!

It was launched in the App Store and Play Store last Thursday and is completely free to download. (Although I would recommend waiting until you’re on wifi to download it as I can imagine it’s one big file.)

The story follows the same structure as the others, it is your job to defeat the Heartless and restore peace to the world and the only way to do that is by harnessing the power of the light in children’s hearts.

You will fight alongside Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters to beat the Heartless, using the light power called LUX.

The game starts with your character joining a union, and you will be given your Keyblade when you take part in the tutorial where you learn basic controls in order to play the game.


From reviews, the controls seem pretty simple in that you just tap to attack your enemies and swipe across the screen to attack multiple enemies at one time. The way to progress in the game is to collect character medals which will make it easier to defeat the enemies as they can be used to activate character special abilities.

There is also a mode where you can fight with friends which will give you more prizes for winning battles!

It’s obviously not going to be as intricate as the console versions of the game, but if you’re a big Kingdom Hearts fan, it’s a great way to get your fix when your on the go, but at 1.1GB of data needed to download the game, be careful you don’t use all of your battery!


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