First details revealed around new movie Coco!

Disney is very busy lately.

With all the remakes and sequels coming out, they are doing extremely well.

And now we have another movie to add to the list!

Coco is a story based in Mexico, about a young boy named Miguel who has a passion for music, despite the hate that his family has for it.

His family, a group of shoe makers, was abandonned by Miguel’s great-great grandfather to pursue a life as a musician, leaving his wife, Miguel’s great-great grandmother to take care of the household.

So, although a little dramatic, I think they have a little bit of a right to hate on musicians a little bit.

But, as with most Disney movies, Miguel is a little bit rebellious when it comes to his family beliefs and feels a longing for music that sends him into the Land of the Dead to meet with family spirits and earn his family’s blessing to perform, making it back to the Land of the Living before he runs out of time.

I love the sound of this movie because Disney are going to put 100% into making it authentically Mexican, including hiring an all Latino cast. There are two confirmed actors so far to play the main roles which are Benjamin Bratt and Gael García Bernal and Anthony Gonzalez voicing Miguel. It is also set to be jam packed full of Mexican culture which I am excited for!

This movie will be released next June so keep your eyes peeled!



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