Emma Watson is breaking Princess stereotypes in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast remake

Don’t get me wrong, I love the princesses. We all do!
We all love how perfect their hair looks all the time, how their figures always seem to be stick thin and how they’re generally beyond the reaches of achievable attractiveness.

BUT I also love it when Disney decides to break the boundaries and turn something we know on it’s head, making us all feel a little bit better in the process.

Tiana in Princess and the Frog for example, she wanted to own her own business and knew she had to work hard, she knew wishing on a star and staring into the sky with a dreamy smile was going to do sod all for her career goals.

Merida from Brave, she didn’t want to get married, she wanted to be an adventurer, a wanderer and her own hero and that little rebellious misses got her way!

Elsa, Mulan, Pocahontas and even to an extent the original Belle all fought for themselves and didn’t wait to be saved and that’s awesome.

But now Emma Watson is taking the next step and standing against the beauty standards of Disney princesses and saying ‘hell no!’

Emma has refused to wear a corset in the remake.
This is amazing news because she is saying that  not everybody looks the same. Some people are naturally slim and can fit into a corset without any pain, but causing yourself physical damage to fit a ‘perfect’ figure role is wrong and can portray the wrong message to audiences.

Lily James, the gorgeous actress who played Cinderella in last years remake, wore a corset and admitted to having to go on a ‘liquid diet’ to fit into it.

If that’s something she feels comfortable doing, then fair play to her! But that is quite dangerous and it’s not a real portrayal of her figure if she had to go to that extreme to fit into the costume, and she’s gorgeous the way she is!

We should be teaching young girls that they’re perfect the way they are and they don’t have to try and be something they’re not to be perfect!
As well as saying no to the corset, Emma Watson has made Belle an inventor, not just an inventors daughter, so Belle is now a career girl too!

I think it’s a great step towards teaching the next generation, and those of our own that would watch these movies and compare themselves to the characters, that you are more than your weight and your dress size.


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