Vans x Toy Story is Live!

I think this has been one of the most highly anticipated Vans x Disney collections so far.
Everyone loves Toy Story because they can relate to it so much, we’ve all imagined our toys coming to live, (don’t lie, yes you have) and so we all immediately fell in love with the characters when the movie first hit the screens back in 1995 in the US and 1996 in the UK.

Wow, that makes me feel old.

Fast forward to the present day and now Vans are reigniting our love for the movie with their latest collab collection.

As with every Vans collection, there is a mixture of products including various styles of sneakers, caps, socks, bags and tops.

Here are some of my favourite products of the collection, available to buy now!


These sneakers are 100% my favourite item of the collection and I would be buying them right now if I wasn’t poor from buying Christmas gifts. *sob*

They’re styled to look like our favourite cowboy Woody and are currently on sale on the website here for £60.


My second favourite item is the Buzz Lighyear sneaker, although they’re a little bit 14 year old emo kid, they are SO COOL. If I could get away with wearing these without it looking like I stole them from my rebellious teenage cousin then I would. These are available for £65 here!


My next item is a t-shirt. I love Vans clothing because it is comfortable, not tightly fitted and just great quality.
The front of the shirt is your basic VANS logo, but on the back, are four of the Pizza Planet aliens with the catch phrase you 100% just read in your head as the alien voice did you not?

This shirt is available here for £35.


Part of the reason I go into the Vans stores is to oggle over the baby clothes. They’re frigging adorable and I can’t help but picture myself and my future child wearing matching clothes like mother goth and baby goth. Ahh the dream.
But these cute little slip ons feature Woody and Bo Peep and Bo Peeps weird three headed sheep toy. These are £30 and you can purchase these cuties here.


Yes it’s another item featuring the strange little aliens. This time it’s one of Van’s signature Old Skool II backpacks. This is a very bright, very loud item and again, unless you’re an unafraid ex-goth, in my opinion it’s a little teenage rebellion but I love it. You can also find the same backpack but with a slightly darker Buzz Lightyear print, but this is available here for £40.


My last item is one of the caps. I don’t wear caps myself but if I was going to, I’d probably start with this one. Filled with pictures of Woody, his sheriff badge and lassos, it’s very very 90s and I love that.
I’m also a little obsessed with the colour baby blue at the moment so that might have something to do with it.
This cap is available here for £30.

Did I also mention that all of the shoes come with ANDY written across the bottom? Yep. You’re sold now aren’t you?

There are so many other items you can check out here featuring tonnes of other characters from the movies.

It’s such a fun collection and even if I can’t afford any right now, I can still make a wish list for when I get some Christmas cash right?


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