We have a new trailer for Beauty and the Beast!

I remain a little bit pessimistic about all of these remakes…I still think they should be coming up with new content, not recreating already adored content.

BUT, I do love that the adverts for the new Beauty and the Beast remake uses the same music as the original. It gave me goosebumps!

And now we have another to prickle our skin and send us down memory lane.

They’re giving us a lot more in this one. We see characters that have been hidden to us until now such as Gaston, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Maurice, Mrs Potts and the adorable chip. They’ve gone for the more realistic look for the furniture characters, which is a change that I will have to get used to…but I’m sure I will!

We also get a little glimpse at the gorgeous dance scene which looks spectacular.

There is still no date on the trailers, only the year, 2017.

What do you think of the new trailer?


2 thoughts on “We have a new trailer for Beauty and the Beast!

  1. I’m still unsure about Emma Watson and I’m not a fan of the tea set animation yet with it being in the pattern instead of physical changes. The music and action and Beasts makeup I love though!! Can’t wait to see the full movie!

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