Why not to watch Ratatouille on an empty stomach

Okay, so it’s Saturday night, my fiance is out with his friend for the night and I’m staying in my parent’s house.

This means taking advantage of their Sky movies packages and watching Disney movies.

I’m currently watching Ratatouille. A movie that revolves around food, fine dining and the gorgeous city of Paris.

I’m currently one cocktail in with an empty stomach, which means I’m getting a little peckish…so maybe this film wasn’t the best one to choose.

Here are the reasons so far on why I maybe shouldn’t have picked this film.

This soup! I’m not sure what is in it, what it tastes like or whether I can actually make it, but it looks fantastic. To me it looks like a creamy mushroom soup and that sounds delicious right now. *Angrily searches google for recipe*

Remy looks like he makes the perfect omelette. Look at the colour of that egg. Perfectly fried.

The way he reacts to eating cheese. Me too Remy, me too.

The way he shows Linguini how to cook, he makes me believe I can do it too!
I do have two pet Degus…maybe one of those is a secret chef and he can teach me as well…or maybe that’s the cocktail talking.

I can smell my tea cooking in the oven and I cannot wait for it to reach me.
Hope it reaches me before that crusty bread scene.

Oh my lord I couldn’t handle it.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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