Little Disney Lover

You who always had a Disney book in your little mits.
You who couldn’t walk through the parks without falling to bits
with excitement.

You who dreamed of having long black hair to your knees
Changing your name to Pocahontas and going to live among the trees.

You who knew all of the songs, the dances, the quotes,
who would sing so passionately to each of the notes.

The Lion King
The first big screen experience with plush seats and sweets
Eyes and ears help bring laughter and tears as you sit through
what will eventually become a film that is a part of you.

A part of you.
Your childhood, your dreams.
The films, the park
Something from these things lit a spark
inside you that burns to today.

From holding mum and dads hand,
to guiding new loved ones through your favorite land.
Showing him favorite rides and sites.
Watching as his smile grows and his own flame ignites.

Little Disney lover,
As you become a woman grown,
Keep your flame burning as your own
memory of childhood.

Little Disney lover,
Keep dancing the dances
Keep singing the song
Keep watching the movies and quoting along.
It’s part of you, it’s your little flame,
and without it, you wouldn’t be the same.




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