Disney x Lazy Oaf is the cutest Disney clothing collection so far!

Lazy Oaf is a quirky clothing brand that is known for it’s wacky colours, oversized fittings and just generally being a little out there.

So it’s nice to see that they’ve teamed up with Disney and are giving us a collection that we haven’t really seen before.

To me, it looks like someone has gone into the Disney store, looked at the children’s clothing section and thought ‘I wish I could wear those’ and made the adult equivalent.

The collection launched yesterday and is available online and in stores. There are only 5 products available on the online store at the moment, as they’re releasing the collection in sets, the first set includes this adorable Marie stripy t-shirt available here for £42.


And this very sweet Cinderella Castle Hoodie which features the castle on the back and a row of the little blue birds from the movie across the chest on the front. This is available here for £80.

Although there are only a small selection of items currently available on the website, you will find more items featuring characters like Mickey Mouse and 101 Dalmations in coming collections.

Here are some of the other items you can look out for.

I do find that some of the items are a little on the pricey side, but more often than not these online shops that do have higher prices than your average high street store sell products that are built to last and you’re probably going to get more of a wear out of them.

The second collection will be released on the 27th October, and by the spotted numbers on the announcement, I think the next one will be 101 Dalmatians!


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