Disney’s Magic Kingdoms App gets a Halloween makeover!

I have been playing Disney Magic Kingdoms since last Summer. (I would hate to see an actual figure of the amount of hours I’ve put into this game.)

And incase you’ve never played it before, the game which is available on all smart phones, is a game similar to The Simpson’s Tapped Out in that you build your own Disney Park, build of your favourite rides, put together your own parades and complete quests with several Disney characters that take real time to complete. Some quests can take up to 24 hours to complete!

An example of some of the characters that have been made available so far include Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, Pirates of the Caribbean, WALL-E and Toy Story. You can also build your favourite rides such as Space Mountain and It’s a Small World After All.

BUT we all know that Halloween is one of the best times to visit the Disney parks because all of the parades get a spooky touch up and our favourite characters get to wear adorable Halloween costumes.

Well the makers of the game felt like it should reflect it’s real life inspiration and decided to give the game an update which included a lot of cool new features for halloween.

The updates include The Nightmare Before Christmas characters, a Nightmare Before Christmas parade float and my personal favourite update, a Halloween Costume Store.

img_8487The store allows you to create costumes for a selection of the characters that you can change your characters into for the halloween period and allows you to swap between costumes at your will. However, as it’s a game it’s not as simple as just clicking into the store and swapping them over, you have to earn the materials by making other characters perform tasks for a few hours who then MIGHT achieve that material to put towards the costume. Does that make sense?

And in terms of The Nightmare Before Christmas characters, you have a limited time to welcome them to your park by also getting characters that you already have to complete tasks in order to get items that unlock the characters.

it worked the same way when the game introduced The Incredibles and they give you enough time to get them all so don’t panic! They usually give you about a month to complete the set so you’ll have plenty of time.

The characters are available to start collecting tomorrow so be ready! You can look for Jack Skeleton, Sally, Zero and the Boogie Man. Zero is available for instant welcoming but he does cost 180 diamonds, which if you were to pay for them with real money, would set you back £7.99.


So get downloading the app and bring Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party to your smart phone today!



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