Take the world famous flying elephant Dumbo wherever you go with this Dumbo Tsum Tsum Bag!

By now, we all have at least 100 Tsum Tsums each.

Whether you’re really organised and you have them in pyramids based on their individual films in different rooms, or whether you’re like me and you’ve put them all in a jar together, you’re probably running out of room and saying things like ‘no more’ and ‘I’m not buying any more tsum tsums!’

Well, if it helps, this set comes with it’s own storage unit so there’s no hassle in where to put them!

The bag comes in the shape of our beloved big eared Dumbo. Open the zip on his back to find four Tsum Tsums nestled in.

The set comes with sleeping Dumbo, Mrs Jumbo, Clown Dumbo and Timothy Q Mouse.

You can either choose to leave the Tsum Tsums in the bag, or use your cute plush purse as a quirky handbag!

This set is available to buy here for £19.99 plus shipping, and you’re allowed to buy up to three at one time, which gives you a chance to buy a couple and put them away as early Christmas gifts!

I love these sets, as much as I love the individual Tsum Tsums, I feel that these collection sets have an exclusive feel to them, you feel like you’re getting something special and especially if you’re a big fan of the film, it’s a great collectors piece to have.

We can also look forward to another adorable Halloween collection, with our favourite characters dressed up like pumpkins and a collection set that comes inside a huge adorable plush pumpkin! Eek!



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