The Lion King is next on the list for a live action refresh!


Not sure what to think of this one…

It’s no secret that The Lion King is my absolute favourite movie. I think it’s perfect in every way. From the music, to the characters.

And with all of these live actions that Disney is bringing out, so far we’ve had The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon and Cinderella, as well as a few trailers for Beauty and the Beast which is due to be released next year, I have said that I hope they didn’t touch this movie. And I’m actually a little disappointed!

Personally I think that the movie is perfect as it is, and is still a timeless classic that everybody loves and knows. The songs are as iconic as Rafiki lifting up Simba, presenting him to the Pride Lands and I just don’t think, out of all of the movies that Disney have brought out over the years, that this one was the best choice to remake.

Jon Favreau has been chosen as director, who directed Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and the new version of The Jungle Book. And if The Jungle Book remake was anything to go by, this remake will be equally as visually stunning, guaranteed. So whatever the outcome of the movie, it is clearly in good hands.

The original Lion King movie was released in 1994, so the film is 22 years old this year.

I just hope that the live remake does not overshadow the original. It hasn’t happened with any of the other remakes, in fact, they re-sparked my love of the animated versions, but I am so protective over the animated version of The Lion King that I couldn’t bear to see it forgotten and this version put in it’s place.

However, I will keep an open mind and keep my fingers crossed as more news is released over the next few months!



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