Star Wars Land is working on real life Lightsabers!

There have been little hints popping up here and there about what to expect in the upcoming Star Wars Land edition to the Disneyland and Disney World parks but this is the most exciting news yet!

Disney loves creating rides and experiences that puts you right in the middle of your favourite movie, bringing you closer to your heros than you’ve ever been before, and Star Wars Land will be no different.

The masterminds at the parks are currently working on an attraction that will involve reeaaally close to life light sabers (not so real that you could slice off a finger, but real enough that you may have to destroy some Stormtroopers) that will be given to audience members to help fight off baddies in a Star Wars show.

The new technology is called ‘Audience interaction projection system’.

“A process and system capture invisible radiation that is reflected or emitted from an object to precisely locate the object. The process and system project visible light from a light source toward the object such that the light is precisely targeted at the object. Preferably, the visible light passes through an atmosphere containing particulate matter rendering the visible light as a beam that appears to emanate from the object rather than from the light source.”

It involves infrared readers that pick up signals from the lightsaber and send them back to another device that then replies with another signal back to the lightsaber, which creates the illusion that you’re fighting a baddie with the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy!

They’re possibly trying to recreate the technology from this scene




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