No More Disney Infinity

It just seems like it’s bad news after bad news from Disney this week!

Today it has been announced that after the Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory sets, Disney Infinity will be discontinued.

The Skylanders-esque game meant you could collect figurines of your favourite Disney characters, place them on a portal connected to your games console and be able to play as them in the world from their movie.

There have been a lot of sets including Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story and Frozen, but after a loss of $147 million due to unsold items, the team feel it’s time to let the game, and the Avalanche software that the game is run on go.

This means a loss of 300 jobs in the company.

It’s always a little sad to see a Disney project fail, but in all honesty, I wasn’t a big Infinity fan.

I couldn’t quite work out what the market was, as the game visually looked like it was for a younger audience, and the short levels that could be completed in a matter of days suggested a younger audience, but the slightly tougher controls and quests made it unsuitable for younger kids.

I soon lost interest myself and I can’t say I’m surprised it’s reached it’s end.

If this means it will pave the way for new and exciting games coming from Disney working with new potential partners, I’m excited! Because I haven’t loved a Disney game as much as I loved the old PC Hercules game from the 90s!


With rumours that Disney might team up with Lego Dimensions, which would be cool and very similar to the Infinity game in a way, it’ll be cool to see what they’ve got up their sleeve.

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