Say goodbye to The Tower of Terror!

Say it isn’t so! 

The best ride (in my opinion) is the Tower of Terror, a ride based around an old Hollywood hotel that is haunted, where the elevators are uncontrollable and send you shooting up and down the elevator shaft at terrifying speeds.

It’s been a main attraction for years at Hollywood studios and now rumours have been confirmed that it will be replaced with a Guardians of the Galaxy ride which is due to open alongside the premier of the second movie in the franchise which will be hosted in Disneyland California. 

Tower of Terror is due to close across all parks this fall so renovation can begin as soon as possible. 

Although they’re closing the ride, there is rumours that Disney studios will be making a film based on the Tower of Terror involving a family that stays at the haunted hotel. 

We still have a few months left to enjoy the brilliant and hair rising attraction so make sure you get down there and have one more scream!

Long live the  Tower of Terror!


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