Have you seen the Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsums?!

Beauty and the Beast has some of the best songs in the Disney film back catalogue.

Be Our Guest and Tale as Old as Time are songs that send shivers up Disney fans’ backs and makes us want to sing and prance around as the characters do.

The film is loved by so many and if people haven’t seen the movie, they’ve seen the musical on stage, so with such a huge fanbase, it’s not hard to imagine that it wouldn’t be too long until they were joining the Tsum Tsum family.

The collection features Belle in her gorgeous yellow dress, the Beast in his blue jacket, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and Chip.

This collection comes from Posh Paws but will give collectors of Tsum Tsums a rough idea of what to expect when they are released in the Disney store.

They are a gorgeous collection and are the first collection to come out since The Lion King when I couldn’t pick just one. I’ll have to have them all!

I can’t find an exact date of when these cuties will be available in stores, but keep your eyes peeled!



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