Do you dare to download Disney Crossy Road?

I had the original Crossy Road and deleted it in an angry rage because I was sick of getting ran over.

But now Hipster Whale and Disney have combined to bring us Disney Crossy Road, I have no choice but to re-download.

If you’ve never played Crossy Road, it’s an updated version of Frogger, the old game where you had to cross the Frog across as many lanes of the road as you could until you eventually got smushed.

With this new, and free to download, version of Crossy Road, there are so many different Disney characters to play as.

The first character you get is Mickey Mouse, and then from there on in, you’re trying to get coins which are laid out all over the place throughout the game and when you get 100, you’ll be able to win a random character from what looks like one of those machines you used to beg your parents to put a pound in for you so you can win a crappy teddy or a keyring that will fall down the side of the car seat before you even get home.
It generates a random character for you and it could be a character from any of the following Disney movies:

The Jungle Book 2016


Mickey Mouse & Friends

Toy Story

The Haunted Mansion

The Lion King

Big Hero 6


Inside Out

Wreck It Ralph

And I’m sure there’ll be others added as time goes on!

I squealed with delight when I seen that the environment changes with different film characters.

For example, Mickey Mouse is on a normal road with cars, whereas when I unlocked the Army Man from Toy Story, it moved to Al’s Toy Barn (the toy shop from the second movie) and the cars going past are RC and other toys with a delightful 8bit verison of ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ playing in the background. I am so looking forward to unlocking a Lion King character and crying into my phone.

The game is free to download now, so if you’re bored, get to your App store and get collecting now!


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