6 Little-Known Secrets about The Lion King

We all know and love The Lion King.

The colourful scenes, the loveable characters and the toe tapping songs that bring a tear to our eyes. (Just me?)

BUT do you know everything there is to know about The Lion King?

Here are some facts that may have you questioning how much of a fan you TRULY are!


In the original script for the film, Simba was supposed to be thrown off the cliff by Scar in the epic battle at the end of the scene.
The last thing we were supposed to see was Simba tumbling to his death, eventually burning in the flames below with Scar standing over the edge cackling.
But thank goodness they realised what a terrible decision that was and chose to have Scar thrown off the cliff instead!

That’s a lot of wildebeests….

We all know the scene. The thought of it brings tears to our eyes.
BUT did you know how long the animators spent creating a scene that they knew would break the heart of millions?
About 3 years! A new programme had to be developed in order for it to be created…talk about dedication to the cause.

The Lion King was a side project for Pocahontas
The two films went into production at the same time, with the first team named Team A being put into Pocahontas, which included some of the best working at Disney at the time because they thought Pocahontas was going to be a top seller.
When in fact The Lion King became one of the best known Disney films and Pocahontas got very mixed reviews and didn’t do too well at the box office…

The ‘Be Prepared’ scene was inspired by Nazism

That delightfully catchy song where we learn of Scar’s plan to remove Simba from the picture is actually inspired by one of the most horrific periods in history.
The scene in which we see the hyenas march past Scar who is sat above them, is a reflection of the Nazis marching past their leader Adolf Hitler.

A nod to the lion in the stars

My absolute favourite scene in the entire film, is the scene where Mufasa gives his famous speech about how the great kings of the past are watching over, and it’s the last scene that Mufasa and Simba spend some quality time together and it just EUGH breaks my heart.
Anyway…in that scene, where Simba sits on Mufasa’s back and they look to the stars, to the trained eye, you will see the constellation for Leo in the sky!

Method acting darling…
Simba and Nala are the biggest flirts and we love it.
In the scene where Nala knocks Simba to the ground when she finds him deep in the forest living with Timon and Pumbaa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was smacked in the back in order to make it sound like he had really been knocked over!

Did you know any of these facts? Did any shock you? Know any better ones? Let me know in the comments!


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