Should you take a visit to Zootropolis?

Zootropolis (Zootopia for the rest of the world, due to copyright reasons the film was renamed for the UK), is a story about a bunny who wants to be the first bunny cop in the fast paced city of Zootropolis where carnivores and prey live in harmony.

After Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) achieves her dream and moves to Zootropolis, she soon meets the fiendish fox Nick Wilde, (Jason Bateman) who opens Hopps eyes and shows her that the big city isn’t as glamorous as she thinks….

The story follows the basic cop investigates minor problem and discovers it’s much bigger than originally perceived with unlikely friends come together for the greater good.

In the big picture, Zootropolis isn’t anything new. They didn’t try anything particularly exciting in terms of new cinematography, but it’s a loveable story and who doesn’t love a film with talking animals.

One thing I will say that they got right, which is getting a lot of thumbs up from the internet community, is that the animators finally got the ‘animals wearing headphones’ thing right.

They’re actually in her ears! Job well done guys.

In all seriousness, there are some clever little bits in this film, which is another great example of the imagination behind Disney movies.  Little things that had the whole audience going laughing in a ‘very clever!’ kind of way. Although there are some funny bits too. It’s very slapstick, obvious comedy, which you would expect from a children’s movie.

There are a couple of jumpy bits. WARNING FOR PARENTS! Such as when Mr Otter goes ferrel and jumps at the bars on the cage he’s in, but nothing too drastic.

There are a couple of Easter Eggs too, including a very obvious nod to Breaking Bad, where we see a sheep in a yellow suit and a gas mask, making poison in a very distinctive blue colour. The names Jesse and Walt are also mentioned to his friend on the phone.

I’d say it was a very easy movie to watch, not a lot going on in terms of plot twists or ‘I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING’ moments, most of them were pretty predictable.

However the movie did have a very relevant feel to it in that the baddies in the film were carnivores that had gone ferrel and therefore threatening the way of life of all the other animals in the city. It shows how the smaller animals, known as ‘prey’ felt threatened and it was hinted that all carnivores should be removed from the city for safety. It showed scenes like a lion sitting on a train seat next to a lamb and the lambs mother looks to the lion with concern and moves the lamb down the seats away from him. We then see protests from other carnivores, giving the message that all carnivores are not the same, and that they should not all be treated differently because of the acts of one or two individuals.

I think that films like this teach our children not to brush one type of person under the carpet, whether it be by religion, skin colour or even physical appearance, as this segregates us and creates problems that are easily preventable, problems that are happening around us right now. And I think it’s a brilliant thing that we can do that in such a way that they don’t feel like they’re being preached to, or don’t even feel like they’re learning a lesson.

Disney are really using the medium of cinema to teach children about real life problems. Big Hero Six covered topics like loss and depression and now Zootropolis is covering the issues of segregation, the medias exploitation of situations for their own gain and of course the importance of chasing your dreams.

I really enjoyed Zootropolis, if nothing else but for the cute animals and the imagination behind a city ruled by animals. It’s definitely a film for the family or for date night, but in terms of being wowed, Big Hero Six still remains the top film to come out of Disney for me lately.

What do you think? Have you been to see Zootropolis? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


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