The Perfect (subtle) Disney Wedding

Planning a wedding is so exciting! It’s a way for you and your partner to put little bits of your personalities into a day that celebrates the love you have for each other.

In everything from the venue to the table decorations, it’s so easy to make the day completely your own and personal.

If you or your partner are Disney fans, there’s a way to make your wedding reflect that, without having to have the priest dress up as Mickey Mouse or paper mache your venue to make it look like Cinderella’s castle.

The Venue
You may not be able to get married in the real Disney castle, but there’s nothing stopping you from hiring a real castle!

There’s plenty to choose from, especially here in the UK and with some offering very tempting packages for set amounts of guests, it’s never been easier to have your dream Disney princess wedding.

Some examples include:
Berkeley Castle
Pendinnis Castle
Carlton Towers

The Dress
Believe it or not, there are boutiques that sell wedding dresses that are loosely based on the style of some of our favourite Disney princess dresses.
Although these are a little pricey, they would be the perfect wedding dress for all of us that have always dreamed of being a Disney princess.
Alfred Angelo have a gorgeous Disney wedding dress range! (My favourite is style 240)

The First Dance

There are two ways you could do the first dance Disney style. For one, you could just go the whole hog and have ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ played, with the Timon and Pumbaa bit, or, you could go for something a little more subtle like this:

The Table Decorations

This is an easy one!
The usual decoration for the centre of the tables is flowers, so, why not add a little bit of Beauty and the Beast to your wedding and add an enchanted rose to your tables?

The Wedding Favours
You don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds on your wedding favours.
You just want something that’s going to say to your loved ones, ‘thank you for coming to celebrate this wonderful day with us!’


These little Cinderella carriage wedding favours are gorgeous, simple and elegant. They’d be a great wedding favour for your guests and it’ll always remind them of you and your gorgeous subtly Disney day.

However you choose to celebrate your wedding, I hope you enjoy your day and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamt of!

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