Alice in Wonderland is Coming to Irregular Choice!

Irregular Choice are an amazing shoe company who make gorgeously different shoes, often with animals in the place of a normal stiletto heel and they’re definitely eye catching.

They’ve been dropping hints and teasers on their blog for the last couple of months and now we know they’re going to be released for a limited time only on the 27th of February!



These are the ‘Flower’s Can’t Talk’ pair and they feature two of the talking flowers over the toes, gorgeous embroidery all over the shoes and then an adorable Alice as the heel!

They then released this post on their blog today, showing the next two pairs in the collection.



These shoes are the ‘One Lump or Two’ and ‘All Mad Here’ pieces.

They both feature amazing teapots as the heel with gorgeous blue flowery designs. From what I can make out, they feature playing cards from the Queen of Heart as well as lovely flowery designs across the shoes.

There’s no prices or anything as of yet, but I am eagerly awaiting the release of this collection so I can get my hands on one of the pairs!

Which ones do you want?!


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