Merch Mondays – Mermaid Head-Wear

Cake Worthy has been bringing out amazing Disney ranges for a while now, from checkered shirts to cute caps.

But my favourite item in their range at the moment is their Mermaid beanies.

I don’t really wear hats anymore, given my weirdly small head, so they don’t really suit me. But I think they’re so cute and they’d look cute on you lot!

These hats are green, to suit Ariel’s tale, covered in adorable fishy mermaid tail scales, with a little purple pom-pom on the top for Ariel’s shell bra.

Across the front it reads ‘Mermaid’ so you can show everyone you walk that you are indeed a mysterious half human half fish in disguise.

These unisex glasses are $25 so around £17.37 before postage and tax.

These hats are on sale on the Cake Worthy website here, so get your hands on them before they sell out and disappear forever!




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