Being a Plus One at Star Wars: The Force Awakens (A Quick Guide!) NO SPOILERS

If you have a partner or a family member or a friend who is a massive Star Wars fan, you won’t have been able to get away from the countdown to the film’s release and the constant questions of ‘are you sure we have tickets?’ and ‘can we get there really early?’

BUT if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you’ve probably got questions of your own. ‘Am i even going to understand the plot?’ ‘What if everyone gets a reference and I don’t?’ and loads more.

Don’t worry! It’s a pretty simple plot to follow and there were some things that I didn’t catch that my boyfriend got really excited about but meh as long as he’s happy.

Here are a few simple steps to being a plus one at Star Wars!

  1. The Plot Simplified:

    It’s basically about a rogue Stormtrooper (the tall white robots with black eyes), who decides he doesn’t want to be a baddie and runs away from The New Order (the new version of the dark side ran by Darth Vader) and finds himself in the middle of a very important mission to do with the rebellion and a very important droid (BB-8, the cute little round orange and white ball thing that’s on key rings and t-shirts


  2. The Millennium Falcon
    That’s the big disc shaped spaceship that everyone loves from the other movies. I won’t tell you when it’s introduced in the film, but just be aware that your partner may scream, leaving you thinking ‘it’s just a big ship….’ It’s a big deal for some reason, just go with it. Clap…your partner will probably love it.
  3. Original Characters
    You know when Disney channel programmes used to collaborate and Raven from That’s so Raven would just suddenly appear in Hannah Montana and you thought your life couldn’t get any better? Well times that by 10 and that’s what your partner is going to feel like when characters like Han Solo (Indiana Jones) and Chewbacca (the giant teddybear that can only growl) come back on screen. Again, give them another clap or a whoo! Extra brownie points there.
  4. Paying Attention
    Although it’s an easy film to follow, look away from your phone for one second and you’re going to miss out on some important information or miss something that’s going to leave your partner leaning over and saying ‘OH MY GOD YOU’RE MISSING IT!’ so to save arguments, leave your phone in your bag and if you need to yawn (I yawned a lot, it had been a long day since my partner woke me up at 6:15am with excitement and he wasn’t really too happy about it), lean into the popcorn and pretend to eat it like a lizard or something…they’d probably appreciate that more.
  5. Fight Scenes
    There are a lot of fight scenes, and I do love them so it wasn’t a problem for me and they are really seat grippingly good. But if you’re not into them, just get comfortable…because there’s a fair few. If you’re into them then great! You’re in for a treat!


  6. Enjoy it!
    Your partner or friend or family member probably loves that you’ve offered to go with them to see this film. It’a a big deal fans have been waiting for for a long time and they’ll really appreciate you going with them. And it’s a brilliant film! It’s not just for the original fans. With so many new characters, it’s easy for new fans to follow too, so don’t feel like you’re going to get lost!

    Whenever you’re going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, enjoy it and leave the spoilers out afterwards on social media! Respect other fans!


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