Google Chrome Turns Your Phone into a Lightsaber!

Google is amazing at creating amazing interactive experiences that can keep us busy for hours.

And with Star Wars on it’s way in less than 24 hours, Google Chrome has given us something we didn’t even know we wanted.

By logging onto, you are prompted to open the web on your phone and type in a code.

This then allows you to sync your phone up with your computer and turns your phone into the handle of a lightsaber.

After a quick synchronisation,  you are told to press the button on your lightsaber and that sweet noise fills the room as your lightsaber springs to life on screen

Your computer syncs up the movements you make with your phone in your hand and creates a lightsaber on screen which you use to fight Stormtroopers!

The graphics are extremely good for such a quick game and although I personally couldn’t get past the tutorial because my hand eye coordination is terrible, I think it’s an amazing idea and such a good way of getting everyone pumped up for tomorrow!

So head to the website and fight those Stormtroopers!



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