Are These The Perfect Stocking Filler for Your Favourite Disney Fan?

If you’re not a vinyl toy lover, you might not know who or what Funko is.

Funko is a company that makes adorable, cool and collectable vinyl toys from all your favourite films, programmes and games as well as their own awesome designs.

You can buy vinyl toys in display boxes such as the POP! figures, or you can collect blind boxes which are a little more (frustrating) exciting! Because a blindbox means you don’t know which figure you’re going to get!

Funko have brought out lots of different mystery mini collections including Game of Thrones, Fallout and our Disney characters.

Their latest collection is the Disney Princess minis, where you can try to collect princesses and their sidekicks.

You can find Jasmine, Raja, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Snowgies, Ariel, Flounder, Belle, Cogsworth, Meredith, bear cub, Tiana, Frog Prince, Cinderella and Gusgus!

So there’s quite a few to collect!

But bear in mind…each character has different odds on whether you’ll find them or not so it’d be a challenge to get them all!

So why not start off your favourite Disney fan on their quest to collect them all and buy a couple for their stocking?

Or you know…a present for yourself!

Which one are you hoping you’ll find?


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