Merch Mondays

You may have noticed that Primark has gone Minnie mad lately!

Their new collection Primark x Minnie is filled with pjs, t-shirts, hoodies and tonnes of accessories.

There’s so much amazing stuff in their new collection, that it was almost too hard to choose what was going to make it into Merch Monday!

But, I decided to go with these gorgeous handbags on offer for just £10 each! And with these you either get the choice of Minnie or Mickey.

They feature our favourite duo peaking from the base of the bag, and have two black straps that would sit perfectly on your shoulder.

These bags would be perfect for a casual day out, a day out shopping or for travelling.

If you want to see these for yourself, or check out any of the other Minnie stuff available, head to the Primark website, or your nearest Primark store!

Image taken from Disneyfind‘s Instagram!
Her account brings you lots of items similar to the items I show in Merch Mondays, so if you enjoy these articles, you should definitely give her a follow!


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