Merch Monday

Usually, my rule for these Merch Monday articles, is to show some Disney merchandise that you wouldn’t be able to buy at the Disney Store. Little things that you might walk past in supermarkets, clothing stores or even home stores.

BUT, this is something that is so amazing and cool that I have to share it with you. Plus it is for sale from other companies besides the Disney store, so technically I’m not breaking any rules!

The Sphero BB-8 is the new droid that you’ll see in the up and coming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie which is coming to cinemas in December.

This little droid is controlled by an app on your phone, where you can make him move around the room with the controls on your app, or set him to modes like ‘Patrol’ where he’ll move about by himself and keep an eye on your surroundings.

You can also record holographic messages to send to your Jedi friends, which you can then view on your handset.

A new update for the app has also been added to the mix, which means you can now control your droid with voice commands.

He’s currently for sale on Firebox for £129.99, but is unavailable to buy from the Disney store just yet.


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