Merch Mondays

I am not the only one out there that goes into the Disney store and sees the little make up sets for little kids and wishes they were toddlers again just so they could buy the lipsticks and the eyeshadows. 

Well no longer do we have to wish! 

LA Splash is an American make up company and they have released a lipstick set for adults based on our favourite Disney heroines and villainesses.

These lipsticks come based on characters like Nala from The Lion King, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Tiana from Princess and The Frog. 

Or, if you feel like being bad, you could go for shades based on the likes of Lady Tremaine from Cinderella or Evil Queen from Snow White. 

These lipsticks are in their StudioShine Lip Luste Line and can be bought here.

They are currently $14 before post and packaging so get over there and get your hands on them now!!


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