It’s Force Friday! 

Star Wars fans, today is your day! 

Force Friday is the day that the Walt Disney Company and Lucas Films release an abundance of new toys and other merch. 

You can head to Star Wars’s official YouTube page to watch hours of unboxing videos, showing off all this cool new stuff. 

Some things to look forward to include Star Wars nerf guns, Hot Wheels sets, action figures and a new Lego set of an X-Wing fighter. 

Be warned though, some of these new items may count as spoilers for the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which premieres on December 18th this year. 

So if you’re wanting everything to be surprise that night, maybe it’s best to stay away from toy stores and YouTube for a while. 

If not, get out there and get your hands on some new stuff!

Happy Force Friday! 


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