Merch Monday

Merch monday is a little late this week and I sincerely apologise!

But, this item is technically something you’d be slipping into around now so it all fits.

Primark has been on top of it’s game in the Disney clothes department, with cute grows for babies to adorable pjs for adults.

This pair of pjs didn’t take long to make it into my collection and they’re perfect for the winter because they’re extremely thick and soft.

These Lion King pjs features a long sleeved black top with a picture of adorable baby Simba on the front with ‘Rawwrrr’ underneath, and a pair of thick pj pants featuring a leopard print. (not sure why the leopard print  as Simba is a lion but I get it. It’s a jungle animal none the less.)

They’re so comfortable, but I did find, because we’re not into the winter nights yet, that by the time I was going to get into bed, I had to get changed as I was boiling before I even got under the covers and didn’t want to wake up like a sweaty betty.

But winter is right around the corner so it won’t be long till I can wear them all night!

They are £12.99 and I got mine in a size 8 and they’re nice and comfortable at that size.



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