Merch Mondays – Back to School!

I can’t help but be jealous of all of the children who are heading back to school in September.
Getting all new stationary was something I looked forward to every year! I loved showing off my new pencil case.

This year, with the hype around the new Star Wars movie and of course Frozen is still dominating, there is a lot of adorable Disney stationary for your little ones starting in school this year. (You could also buy it for yourself…whatever works.)

For your little Jedi, you can add these lightsaber pens to their pencil case. They’re simple ball point pens, so they can use them in their lessons, or for if it’s that time where they’re swapping from pencil to pen, why not let them do it in style?

They come in red and blue and at only £1, they’re an absolute steal!

There was a lot of Disney stationary in our back to school isle, so expect a post in the next few days if you’re looking to find out what else is on offer.

These pens are available online and in store so grab them now!


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