D23 Official Disney Convention – Sunday

Today, it was all about Disney Interactive.

Disney Interactive is the section of the Walt Disney Company that makes mobile and console games, and today, they showcased a lot of new and upcoming games for us to be excited about!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition

Players were invited to play interactive demos, learn about new characters added to the line up and enjoy the fully enhanced Toy Box Only Mode where players can interact with their favourite Star Wars and Inside Out characters in their own universe.
They were also invited to play levels from the up and coming Star Wars and Inside Out worlds that will soon be released as a part of Disney Infinity’s new upgrade.

You can also look out for Pre-sale figures that Disney Infinity will be giving away, featuring some of the Walt Disney Company’s most loved characters.


Star Wars Battle Pod
This new Star Wars game will be hitting arcades soon, which will put players in a pod, facing a dome shaped screen and surround speakers to put them right in the action.
There was a chance for D23 goers to try this new game!


Kingdom Hearts III 

Kingdom Hearts III was announced yesterday, and the big surprise is that Sora and co will be heading into San Fransokyo to battle it out in Big Hero 6 alongside our lovable marshmallow Baymax.

Not much else has been confirmed in terms of a release date, so we’re just going to have to be happy with this news for now!


That’s it for D23 2015! We’ll have to wait till 2017 for the next one, and I’m already devastated.
For any of the other events that happened this weekend, head to the D23 website and catch up on all the news!


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