Disney Official Convention D23: Saturday Updates!

yesterday was another massive day for Disney fans as we were surprised with even more big news!

Whereas yesterday’s news seemed to focus on up and coming films, yesterday, attendees were treated to exciting expansions coming soon to Disneyland and the Walt Disney Resort!
Star Wars Land Is Confirmed!

This is the news everyone has been waiting for! 

The imagineers have been keeping things hush hush, but with rumours spreading yesterday that an announcement was going to be made, fans were over the moon to be shown actual plans for the 14 acre expansion!

As this is a massive expansion, visitors of these parks can expect to see long standing attractions being taken away to make space for Star Wars Land. Attractions such as The Muppets. 

But it will be replaced with a life sized Millenium Falcon, a cantina and a family friendly roller coaster. 

There are no confirmed dates as to when we can expect Star Wars land to be open.

Pandora Comes To Disneyland

There are also plans for Avatar’s beautiful Pandora to take its place at the Disney parks. 

The main attraction will be the ‘Flight of Passage’ where guests can ride a Banshee which will give riders a full view of Pandora. 

Disney Broadway Show

Disney Broadway shows have always been a staple in theatres, and they’re just as magical as the movies, if not more!

Guests at D23 Saturday were treated to Disney Broadway original stars singing songs from their Broadway shows including Tarzan, The Lion King and Mary Poppins. 

Saturday proved to be another amazing day and here’s to the grand finale of Sunday!


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