D23 Friday Highlights! 

Yesterday was the first day of D23 EXPO and already we’ve had some pretty exciting news!

Toy Story 4 Plot is Announced!

Although we were given the impression that this film wouldn’t materialise, apparently the creatives behind the Pixar trilogy have changed their minds. 

We briefly heard Woody mention that Bo Peep is missing back in 2014, and since she is the love of his life, in the new film, we will see Woody and Buzz go on an adventure to find and save Bo Peep. 

Toy Story 4 will be released on June 16th 2017. 

Finding Dory Cast Takes The Stage. 

Ellen DeGeneres was brought out to talk about the Finding Nemo sequel, a story about Dory seeking her family, and also learning to accept herself for who she is. As the loveable annoying fish we all adore!

Clips From New Movies!

We also seen clips from some new movies to come including Moana, a story of a Demi-God who goes on an adventure to find out why people of the world have stopped exploring. The movie features Dwayne Johnson who took to the stage to present the clip to the audience. 

We were also treated to a full clip of The Good Dinosaur, the new Pixar movie, a new trailer for Zootopia and a fu showing of the new short ‘Riley’s First Date?’ Which will be included on the Inside Out DVD when it is released. 

Robin Williams Is Made Disney Legend In Touching Tribute. 

At every D23, important faces are added to the list of ‘Disney Legends’ at the Disney Legends Presentation, and this year, singer Ne-Yo took to the stage to sing ‘Friend Like Me’ in ommage to the actor who committed suicide last year. 

Audiences were also shown a clip of Robin recording for his part of the Genie in Aladdin in remembrance for his love for all things Disney. 

Friday was jam packed with amazing news and presentations and Saturday promises to be the same!

Look out for today’s highlights which will be posted Sunday morning!


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