It’s D23 EXPO Weekend!

If you didn’t know, D23 EXPO is the official Disney convention held in Anaheim, California.
Since 2009, it has been the bi-annual event of the year for Disney fans to meet other fans, buy amazing merch and attend presentations.

Since the beginning this has been the go to place to be the first to learn about upcoming films, any new and exciting additions to the Disney parks, The Disney Legends Ceremony and attendees can also enjoy the Walt Disney Archive Exhibition which showcases milestones throughout Disney’s history.

This year, there’s TONNES on offer to those of you who are lucky to be attending. Including a Jedi Training Academy, a signing with Bret Iwan who voiced our beloved Mickey Mouse, and a presentation with the creatives behind Inside out including director Pete Docter!

Just like any other EXPO, there will also be plenty of time to visit the countless stalls selling Disney merchandise including plushes, Disney Park collectable pins, movies and much more.

For more information on what’s going on over the weekend, or find out more about what D23 is all about, head here. You can download the official D23 app, have a look at the interactive schedule or if you’re nearby, you can buy some last minute tickets!

I am devastated that I’ll be missing it and I vow that one year I WILL attend and will probably explode with all the emotion.

Since I can’t be there, as well as posting any important news that is released over the weekend, I’ll also be telling you about what WOULD have been my highlight of the day, had I managed to make any of the presentations.

My highlight of today would have been 60 Years of Disney Parks Merchandise.
In this panel, Disney Design Group artists talked an audience through some of the Disney parks most recognisable souviners, how they were designed and why they have become such an important part of the experience of the Disney parks.
Those who managed to get a seat at this panel, will also have been let in on some of the up and coming souvineers not yet released at the parks. Lucky swines.

My instagram picture for Friday is from Instagram account Jacksback13, and we can see above the entrance a giant Buzz Lightyear greeting guests. SOB.


Although I’m devastated I would be there, I hope that everyone who managed to get themselves a ticket enjoys their weekend!



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