Animator From The Lion King Pays Tribute to Cecil The Lion

The Lion King was emotional enough a few hours ago.
Simba being framed for killing Mufasa, watching as he tried to wake up his dad, Simba coming to terms with the fact that his dad is gone…the list is endless and it’s too emotional to carry on anyway.

BUT, like I didn’t love it enough, one of the animators that worked on the movie, has paid tribute to the famous lion Cecil who was hunted and decapitated by an American Dentist.

Aaron Blaise shared his tribute through Twitter last week, and it has since received over 500 retweets and 600 favourites.

The picture shows a cartoon Cecil in the clouds, very similar to the image we see in The Lion King where Mufasa comes back to knock Simba into his place.

Under the picture it reads ‘Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down upon us from those stars.’  

The picture was shared with the simple caption of ‘My Homage to Cecil’

He also shared a video of a timelapse, showing how he created the image.

You can find all of the original posts here.

The whole world united when Cecil was unnecessarily murdered for sport.  It was an example of how some of us feel we have more of a right to be here than other species on this planet, and it’s not true. This was shown in the uproar of social media, which saw the dentist who was responsible lose a lot of work through his dental practice.

Although it is a sad situation, we can at least know that there are more good people than bad in the world who will try to stop animals being killed meaninglessly, and hopefully stories like this will become few and far between.



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